About Us

Why Happy Cows?

“Bhaiya pure desi gaay ka doodh kahan milega”  “Bhaiyaji please doodh mein sirf paani hi milana”  “Baap re pure doodh itna mehenga hai”  “68% of milk in India is adulterated”  “Suicides in rural areas”  “Health problems in urban cities”. Everybody has been waiting for someone to make these boring things, more interesting. Hearing such conversations and facing the issue personally since years, a youngsters, Yash Dubey (Founder- Happy Cows) got the idea of Happy Cows. Each day the community is growing with increasing enthusiasm.

What is Happy Cows?

An initiative launched by Ecomytra in May 2016, Happy Cows is Mumbai’s first youth brand focusing on ethical A2 milk products from indigenous Indian desi Gir cows cared for by cowherd communities. In all, creating a community of collaborative happiness and purposeful living. We call it as Happiness Chain: empower cowherd communities, generate employment, protect Indian cow breeds and help urban communities in moving towards a greener lifestyle. We don’t do different things, we do things differently.

What is Ecomytra?

Co-founded in April 2013, Ecomytra is a Mumbai based social youth venture developing into an organic/eco-friendly resource hub with focus on purity coupled with customer affordability at its heart. Our mission is to help people move towards a greener lifestyle. To know more see us on Ecomytra.